Artsmith is a collaboration of artists based in the Midlands, including practitioners of dance, sound and light installation, original music and visual art.

Artsmith’s ethos is to create an experience that combines a range of skills, concepts and experiences that will break barriers and intrigue the audience to enjoy physical theatre.

Artsmith is an umbrella that embraces new ways to deliver the best out of performers.

We like to challenge perceptions and encourage the delivery of new and enjoyable work.

It is very exciting to work as a team to create new ideas and “bounce” off each other to develop new work that combines a range of art forms.

We desire a new language that can be interpreted by audiences as individuals.

Artsmith are driven to exchange ideas and really enjoy that there is a combined desire to create work.

It is challenging to encourage the audience to participate in some way as part of a project so that they feel they have a contribution to make and are inspired as an outcome.

Physical theatre is another form of communication to reach the masses and become a form of social interaction.

The one constant within Artsmith is change.